Welcome ~ My name is Michele Portlock, RMT, of Reiki 4 Soul.          peacenecklace

My mission is to help facilitate healing in my clients. It is my wish to help as many people as I can through the touch of reiki and energy healing. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher  (RMT) who utilizes the traditional Usui Reiki system created by Dr. Mikao Usui. To provide my clients with an an even deeper level of healing; I incorporate the use of crystals and shamanic reiki during my sessions if they desire. I offer individual private reiki healing sessions and host a weekly Reiki Clinic in my space. In my practice I offer ongoing support to my clients as they transition back to wellness.

I am certified in Reiki levels I, II and Master Level. My lineage is as follows: Dr. Mikao Usui ~ Takata ~ Phyllis Furomoto~ Claudia Hoffman ~ Mary Shaw ~ Christine Henderson ~ Bruce Way ~ Ariane McMinn ~ Mona Khalaf ~ Michele Portlock).

I am a member of Jill’s List; a community of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Providers, Physicians, Patients and Organizations.  I invite you to visit my membership page at JillsList.   Through Jill’s List everyone comes together to offer assistance to patients for healing. I provide a weekly reiki clinic on Wednesdays.  Please visit SERVICES page to see details. Also check out my membership page on Mind Body Mojo.  I volunteer my reiki services in several other facilities on a regular basis.  I have been affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital Reiki Volunteer Program since the pilot program over 3 years ago.   I regularly participate in reiki shares and related holistic events to stay connected to the community and other practitioners from diverse alternative modalities.

I frequently work on private patients while they are hospitalized to provide reiki for them pre and post operating procedures as well as to help transition them as they prepare to be discharged. Reiki truly helps with your physical, emotional and spiritual healing process. Because reiki has been shown to be extremely helpful in reducing and managing pain I give reiki to clients while they are undergoing traditional medical treatments.

Being a Reiki Master and Teacher does not mean that I have “mastered” reiki but simply that I have obtained the highest level of reiki which is the “master level”.  The next step is teaching which is what I do as well for those people who have experienced reiki and want to learn how to give reiki to themselves as well as to others.  If you are interested in becoming a practitioner please contact me to discuss.

I have had many professions across many industries including human resources, recruiting, retail management, advertising, real estate sales, biotech/pharma and life coaching.  However the common thread has always been the one on one interaction with my clients. Working one on one with my clients on their healing journeys’ has been the perfect match for me. Seeing the joy come back into my clients’ lives is rewarding for both my clients and me.

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading about me. Now let’s get back on track to why you are here.  You deserve to be happy and healthy just like me.  Contact me today to get started on your wellness path; by using the touch of reiki and energy healing to restore your natural state of mind, body and soul.   I would be honored to partner with you by bringing balance back into your life. Today is the perfect day to begin your wellness journey. I congratulate you for taking the first step and now I ask you to please take another step and contact me here to get started.  ~~ Namaste~~


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